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PortaTele - Pocket Portable Telescope

PortaTele - Pocket Portable Telescope

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A Wildlife Must-Have Whenever You Go Sightseeing!

This monocular telescope is the perfect gadget to pack for a wildlife adventure, outdoor travel session, or a sports event. PortaTele is also a sought-after present that’s perfect for your most adventurous friend. 

PortaTele has a field view similar to a telescope giving you room for detailed observations. This way, you can observe sceneries, animals, and even the sky with full clarity.

Key Benefits

Increased Magnification - This functional monocular telescope has a wide field view and a double-focusing feature. PortaTele provides a broad and clear field of vision, making it useful for almost any outdoor activity. 

High-Definition - This telescope is equipped with high-quality prism glass. PortaTele is built with a BAK4 glass, offering you a clear view of far off places and subjects.

Portable Size - PortaTele is small and lightweight, making it easy to pack or place in your pocket. This easy-to-carry monocular telescope is easy to bring out and set up when you see something interesting in the wild.


Durable Build - With its heavy-duty and rugged design, the PortaTele is durable and shockproof. This mini telescope is made of sturdy ABS material, making it wear and knock resistant